About Receiptify

Inspired by @albumreceipts, Receiptify is a tool that displays a user's 10 most-played tracks from the last month, last 6 months, and all time in a Receipt-like format.


What does the amount mean in top artists and genres?

In top artists, the amount is the popularity of the artist— 1 is the least popular and 10 is most. In top genres, the amount is the number of times a genre appears in your top 50 artists.

Why doesn't my Apple Music Receiptify display top tracks by time period?

Currently, the Apple Music API only supports "Heavy Rotation," which returns data about your most played tracks, albums, playlists, etc. from an undefined time period. While I would really love to be able to break down this information by time period, there is unfortunately currently no way of getting this data.

My Spotify most-played doesn't look right! How are these stats determined??

The short answer is, I don't know! Receiptify uses data directly collected by Spotify top artists in the past month, past 6 months, and all time. Since this data is updated by Spotify, I'm not sure how these stats are calculated. If something looks off in your recently-played data for the month, it may be because there's a slight offset in when the "past month" top track calculations are made. Otherwise, you may just be playing some tracks more than you thought!

Can you show the number of times a track is played in Spotify Receiptify?

Unfortunately, the Spotify API does not provide this information. However, if you have last.fm, you can see this information in the last.fm version of Receiptify.

My Receiptify isn't working!

Sometimes, Receiptify might run into errors when there is increased traffic. If you've already logged in, try to keep refreshing the site until your receipt shows up. If that doesn't work, try clearing your cookies and site data or try a different device.

Can you make Receiptify for [music streaming service]?

Some music streaming services don't have accessible API's to retrieve your listening data. While I would love to support as many services as possible, I'm a full-time student, so I'm not always able to get to these requests, especially in busy times.

How did you make Receiptify???

Receiptify is an open-source tool! You can view the code here.

Will Spotify steal my data?

In short: NO! For more information, view Receiptify's Privacy Policy.